Veganuary is an exciting time for the food industry, as it cultivates new product development and encourages consumers to try delicious and healthy (or not-so-healthy) plant-based food.

Here are some new launches that have those of us at AFR excited this month:

Wagamama has a new dish for Veganuary: a “steak” bulgogi featuring udon noodles, aubergine, and caramelised onion bathed in a sweet and salty amai miso sauce, and topped with a meaty smoky lion’s mane mushroom “steak” and Korean barbecue sauce;

THIS has launched Europe’s first skin-on vegan chicken wings in partnership with BrewDog. The wings are made from soy and pea protein, and coated with a crispy seaweed-based “skin”, emulating the taste and texture of conventional chicken wings;

Lindt has partnered with ChoViva, a cocoa-free German chocolate brand, to launch a limited-edition vegan chocolate bar featuring a hazelnut, oat cream, and oat cookie filling, coated in Lindt’s dairy-free chocolate;

HAPPIEE! has launched into multiple retailers across the UK, bringing fish-free versions of breaded and plain shrimp, breaded calamari rings, and squid rings to the shelves;

Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat have launched a Beyond Pepperoni pizza range at Pizza Hut; and,

Nestlé has announced the re-release of Voie Gras, its plant-based alternative to foie gras in Belgium, Spain, and The Netherlands. The recipe has been revamped, aiming to achieve the authentic texture and flavour of traditional foie gras.