In A Post-Brexit World, the British Government Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

In a very positive move for the UK alternative foods industry the British government has announced a new £2 billion investment via the National Vision for Engineering Biology to support research, development and infrastructure in innovative fields over the coming decade, including in the UK’s “budding” cultivated meat and fermentation sector.

The strategy also sees smart regulation as a major growth opportunity for alternative proteins in the UK, recognising the need to ensure product development is not “stifled” by outdated processes. In a paper prepared for discussion by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Board, the FSA proposed “to submit a bid to run a sandbox on cell-cultivated products.”

This is a hugely welcome announcement, and it is essential that this forward-thinking strategy is backed up with action to deliver on the full potential of the UK’s alternative protein sector.

The full report can be found here.