Immediate Backing and Support for New Charity Championing Plant-Based Food on Restaurant Menus

Wagamama, Beyond Meat and Wicked Kitchen have announced their support for 50by25, a new campaign calling on restaurants to add more plant-based options to their menus in order to help the planet.

Launched by UK-based charity, Viva!, the campaign is asking all restaurants to make 50% of their menu plant-based by the end of 2025, in efforts to reduce their impact on the environment and encourage consumers to eat more plant-based meals. The charity will be contacting leading restaurants, asking them to remove meat dishes and replace them with animal-free alternatives, as well as working with smaller restaurants to help them make the switch. Wagamama has already made their menu 50% plant-based and the 50by25 campaign is now calling on other restaurants to follow suit.

Scientists state that the animal agriculture industry is a leading cause of climate change, with studies suggesting that we should all be eating more plant-based meals. Despite this, many Brits are unaware of the connection between what they eat and how it impacts the environment. 50by25 will raise awareness of this concept, helping the UK reduce its overall carbon footprint by supporting people to opt for plant-based meals when they dine out. Furthermore, endorsing the 50by25 initiative will assist companies in achieving their ESG goals. This is particularly crucial for large, publicly listed companies, as reporting on ESG goals is mandatory for them.

Restaurants who opt into 50by25 will also benefit as the demand for sustainable food options will increase over time, with consumers becoming more invested in eating planet-friendly foods. Brands who participate will be taking an active stance towards hitting their sustainability goals while simultaneously increasing their customer base.