How Advanced Food Regulation Can Help Businesses to Service the Desires of European Consumers

Advanced Food Regulation Consultants are Able to Advise Clients on the Key Food Industry Issues.

At Advanced Food Regulation we are acutely aware of European consumers’ desire to eat more plant-based foods, but to also have better access to sustainable and healthy options and as a result we are able to advise clients on the key issues which then allow them to make choices which work both commercially and for the consumer.

Matt Lawson and Steve Oliver are Global Food Law Experts.

The position of Matt Lawson and Steve Oliver as global food law experts mean that at Advanced Food Regulation we have direct access to several initiatives established to expand the range of plant-based options available, such as the recently launched “50by25″ campaign, which encourages companies to make at least 50% of the options on their menu plant-based by 2025.

Research and Development Should be Prioritised.

At AFR we have found that at the heart of these decisions, taste and price remain the most important factors for consumer choice, making it essential that investment in research and development to enhance the taste and lower the costs of alternative proteins are prioritised, and food outlets ensure that the plant-based options they offer are appealing and varied.

Product Development, Innovation Advisors and Regulatory Approval Experts.

In consequence of our unrivalled position within the marketplace, straddling as we do being product development and innovation advisors on one side and regulatory approval experts on the other, we are able to assist companies in the pursuit and achievement of their regulatory and commercial goals.

For more information on bring new products to the market, seeking advice on food law, food labelling and market entry please contact us.

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