Global Food Law Experts Discuss Responsible Food Business Practices

Advanced Food Regulation Consultants advise clients on the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices.

Our advisors who navigate the FSA, EFSA and GRAS systems see this as an important part of the Farm to Fork Strategy action plan. Its goal is to encourage food processors, food service operators, and retailers along the entire value chain to take voluntary actions to improve their sustainability performance and communicate it effectively. This is particularly important alongside regulatory compliance and specialist food law advice.

Advanced Food Regulation Consultants assist Companies in the Innovative Food Industry.

We assist companies in the innovative food industry and those creating alternative proteins to understand the implications of these strategies and apply them to their benefit. The Code has 140 signatories today and counting, with the EU food and beverage sector well represented by both companies and associations. Signatories of the Code of Conduct help accelerate the much-needed transition to sustainable food systems.

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