Food Regulation Consultants: Australian Plant-Based Meat Category Has 3x More Products Than in 2017

Research has indicated that there have been significant changes in the volume and type of products available in the Australian plant-based meat category in recent years.

In 2017, major retailers stocked less than five plant-based meat brands made by Australian or New Zealand-based companies; this has now risen to over 30. The number of products in the category has increased threefold, from under 90 to almost 300.

As consumers seek more convenient options, products like nuggets, mince, deli slices, and meatballs are becoming increasingly available. Meat alternatives that are suitable for a variety of dishes — such as chunks, strips, and whole cuts — are also becoming more popular, though there are still relatively few of these products on the market. The total number of plant-based meat products available peaked early last year at around 350, and the category has seen some consolidation since.

A study published last September found that 32.2% of Australians had reduced their meat consumption within the past year, with health concerns cited as the most common reason. Most said they aimed to follow a plant-forward diet long term. More research published the following month found that 19% of Australians consider themselves flexitarian, eating primarily plant-based foods with small amounts of animal products. This figure rises to around 25% among younger consumers.

Data from last year indicates that the alt protein industry in Australia and New Zealand has grown tenfold in recent years. However, the pace of growth has reportedly led to supply chain bottlenecks, which will need to be addressed with better infrastructure, more skilled workers, and a greater local supply of crops.

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