Fermentation Carbon Emissions Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Modelling Tool Now Available for Free

Synonym has launched a free tool for fermentation start-ups, enabling you to model life-cycle assessments of the carbon emissions from their fermentation processes. Tools such as these provide important insights for companies but are often expensive to conduct as they are very complex, requiring specialist expertise to build.

This initiative is hugely valuable in supporting fledgeling sectors such as fermentation, empowering users to gain deeper insights into a bioproduct’s carbon footprint, supporting informed decisions for a sustainable future because truly understanding a product’s environmental impact is crucial for steering businesses towards a greener path.

The LCA provides:

  • Cradle-to-gate carbon intensity calculation;
  • Emission source breakdown;
  • Strategies to lower carbon impact; and,
  • Economic and mass attribution.

The tool is available here.