Europe’s Leading Food Consultants See France and the EU Heading for Confrontation

Advanced Food Regulation Comment as France Bans Meat-Related Terminology

The Food Consultants Explain About Meat-Related Terminology Being Used in Respect of Plant-Based Products.

Our food consultants report that the French government has issued a decree banning terms associated with meat products from being used on the label of vegetarian products, saying it was reserved for meat alone – the ruling is a response to a long-standing complaint by the meat industry that terms like “vegetarian ham” or “vegan sausage” were confusing for consumers.

The French propose to have two prohibiting lists:

The first list will contain the names of meat-derived products that cannot be used for describing, marketing, or promoting plant-based products, which include terms that refer to specific animals or their morphology or anatomy, like “steak” or “spare ribs”.

On the second list will be animal products that may contain plant proteins as part of their ingredients but do not replace animal products, including andouille, bacon, chorizo, cordon-bleu, ham, bacon, pastrami, pâté, terrines, and all sausages. Our Team can offer expert advice and clarity on this development and wider food law implications.

Given the EU Commission’s rejection of a similar stance taken by Italy last year, it is unlikely that the French decision will go unchallenged in the wider Union.

Advanced Food Regulation Consultants state that the decision appears to bow to pressure from the farming unions and community, within the idea food industry there is a fear that the regulations will impact not only the sector’s domestic economic development and efforts to promote plant-based diets at a local level, but also detrimentally impact French food manufacturers seeking to supply into the wider Union.

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