Bluu Seafood Creates Europe’s First Pilot Plant for Cell-Based Fish

Bluu Seafood’s new headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, has opened as Europe’s first pilot plant for cell-based fish in preparation for future market entry.

The European biotech company has departed its “development kitchen” and taken occupation its new 2,000-square-metre site. The new headquarters has zones dedicated to customised research and production for the development and production of cell-based fish products – its new fermenters have a capacity of 65 litres (with the potential to expand to 2,000 litres), will enable it to cultivate muscle, fat and connective tissue cells from Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout in much larger quantities than before.

Bluu Seafood’s current fish products are GMO-free and free from heavy metals and microplastics and are similar to conventional products in terms of taste, nutritional content and cooking behaviour.

The company expects cell-based seafood to be approved as safe for human consumption in Singapore in early 2025, followed by the US and the European Union.

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