At AFR we pride ourselves on being the Food Regulation Consultants providing best regulatory practice for the whole of the global food industry.

The Food Regulation Consultants

Our highly skilled and experienced team provide practical advice which allows businesses to identify and manage risk and appropriately temper their decision making to balance the regulatory and commercial considerations.

The food and beverage industry faces a multitude of challenges when navigating regulatory compliance and new legislation, especially when one superimposes the cross-jurisdictional regulatory requirements for multi-market consumer and industry products.

At AFR we are an experienced and guiding hand, ensuring that the product journey – from concept to shelf – acknowledges the diverse regulatory requirements and accommodates them without compromise of the key concepts of the products. This includes an examination of the ingredients and advice on their use, the claims that can be made for both health and nutritional content – at AFR we map the product’s regulatory route to market so as to allow you to concentrate on what you do best: manufacturing, distributing and retailing your products to your consumers.

With client-backed testimonials for our work our team have a proven track record which covers a diverse range of product categories and countries ranging from Cannabidiol to Cabbage and Lincoln to Los Angeles. AFR will engage with your team to cover every aspect of compliance, from initial pilot manufacture, product safety and, ultimately, labelling and distribution, providing you with the knowledge and satisfaction that when your products enter the market (wherever that may be) they will do so with the assurance and confidence that they do so with AFR standing right at their side.


At AFR we provide solutions rather than problems, we do not explain the legal theories and then invite you to adopt the “least worst” course – if you want that then you would have gone to a lawyer. Instead, we apply the reality of the regulatory framework to your issues and give you practical advice on everything you need to create, perfect, market and grow your products.

While there was certainly a beginning to our knowledge, there is now no end to it and we ensure that whatever the “new” food topic is, for us it has already been considered top to bottom so that we can provide you with the solution, not the discussion points. We can assist with:
Food Additives
Processing Aids
Nutritional Claims
Health Aids
Compositional Standards
Fortified Foods
Food Supplements
Food for Specific Groups
Genetically Modified Foods
Plant Proteins
Insect Proteins
Animal Feed

OUR TEAMWe'll Ensure You Always Get the Best Results

With a dynamic and experienced team of professionals, we specialize in advanced topics within the sector, including novel foods, food supplements, and alternative proteins, making us your go-to resource for staying ahead of the curve.

Steve Oliver

Co Founder

TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Clients Say

“Prior to entering any new market or introducing any new product line to an existing market, we would always take their counsel and structure ourselves as per that advice.”
*References are available upon request.