Never ones to simply “parrot out” the “standard” analysis and opinion, Matt and Steve are prized for their forthright approach and willingness to stand against the “consultancy crowd”.
We maintain what we always say – Be Careful Who You Listen To.

Co FounderSteve Oliver

Steve is a former HM Customs and Excise Officer, involved in a wide sphere of work, from becoming a Civil Service Accredited Teacher/Trainer to receiving Commendations for Bravery in Undercover Work. During that time Steve assumed various legal roles including representing HMRC at Magistrates’ courts and in a leading role in a number of high-profile prosecutions. He spent some six years as an investigator in London and the UK before leaving in 2000.

After leaving his Government role, Steve moved to KPMG, where he was later to head-up their Producer Responsibility – European Environment Law Team (2000 – 2005), advising clients including Sony, Harley Davidson, Manchester United and Booker.

For the last 20+ years Steve has been building his knowledge, experience and contacts list across the globe within the food industry. As a result, he has an unrivalled knowledge in the science behind “new food” development and its impact on the practical considerations for food manufacture, with a particular expertise in the analytical and toxicological considerations often inherent in Advanced Foods.

Steve has enjoyed passing on his vast knowledge as a visiting lecturer for both undergraduate and post graduate Masters students specialising in Food, Business, Employment, Contract and European laws.

An accomplished public speaker he is regularly requested to provide KeyNote Speeches at industry events and dissect complex regulatory frameworks for both industry specialists and the public.


Co FounderMatt Lawson

Matt was Called to the Bar in 1995. Prior to being Called, and for a period afterwards, he worked in The City for Kleinwort Benson, an Investment Bank. Following successful completion of the Bar Vocational Course and thereafter Pupillage he gained a Tenancy at Chambers in London, from where he has practiced ever since.

At the Bar his practice initially encompassed all Common Law areas, but over time the areas in which he provided expert advice diminished as his focus on specialist areas increased. Therefore, for the vast majority of his time at the Bar his practice has centred on the area of “Regulatory Law”, encompassing fields with regulatory overlap: foods and medicines, with advice in respect of the regulation and control of the production processes involved in the manufacture of the end products.

Throughout his career Matt has always provided expert advice to “both sides” of the regulatory divide – the government/regulators and the industry participants whom they govern and regulate – giving him a unique and unrivalled insight. Not content with advising on the regulation of “existing” products and techniques, Matt has spent a career focusing on the “next evolution”, ensuring that market participants appreciate the challenges that their innovative and bespoke products will provide the governments and regulators, and advising them about the benefits of early engagement with the entities who will have a heavy influence on their ability to commercialise their IP and innovation. Often to be seen Chairing international conferences Matt applies his advocacy skills to panels and has spoken globally to the Food and Medical Industries.

Along with Steve Oliver, he formed MAST Consulting, of which Advanced Food Regulation is one element.

If you’re involved in the design or production of advanced foods then you’re going to be significantly regulated in whatever jurisdictions you target. If I were in your shoes, then I would go to the people that the Regulators listen to - if I were in your shoes, then I’d go to Advanced Food Regulation. Remember what we always say: Be Careful Who You Listen To.

Matt Lawson

Co Founder